Fleet management

          “Baltic Car Equipment“ Ltd. offers a fleet management service which provides a company with  excellent tools to improve transport efficiency, to tighten a versatile drivers‘ control and to carry out a secure fuel accounting.
           A few recent years have revealed the importance of optimizing internal costs and improving efficiency. That is exactly what the fleet management and control system can be implemented for.
The benefits of fleet management and control system:

•    practice has shown that the introduction of this system helped companies to reduce fuel consumption up to 30%;
•    managers‘ work efficiency increase as the filling of waybills is simplified;
•    the system enables to use the fleet more effectively and evenly allocate drivers‘ workload;
•    more precisely and effectively organize the delivery of goods or services and shipping schedules;
•    to monitor and control the condition of the vehicle at any time.

          Moreover, the system enables to detect drivers‘ irregularities (e.g. fuel theft cases, speeding, deviations from the prescribed route or other abuse of an official vehicle etc.) Therefore, this system is a perfect prevention mean which helps to foster drivers’ sense of responsibility.