Specialized software enables you not only to monitor the location of vehicles on the map but also to apply the variety of reports for quick and effective use of information. Therefore, “Baltic Car Equipment” Ltd. enables to compose the following reports:

  • The report of the vehicle’s recent position on the map; This report indicates the position of the fleet on the map and the state of vehicle’s combustion mode.
  • Route map report; This report shows vehicle’s route on the map indicating additional halts.
  • The exploitation report; This is a table of vehicle’s data accumulated during a certain period of time or a certain distance.
  • Telemetry graphs; This report represents charts of vehicle’s speed, engine’s speed and temperature, side tension and fuel consumption.
  • Route report; The table of vehicle’s state (parking/stop/motion) including exact time and location.
  • Driving safety report; Evaluation of the driving risk factor, obtained considering the actual driving speed and exceeded regulation speed.
  • The report on vehicle’s working hours; The report consists of the travelled distance and time indications, taking into account working/non-working hours and weekends.
  • The waybills report; This is a waybill filled in daily with every day route, travelled distance and fuel consumption.
  • Detailed waybill of the vehicle; The basic aim of this report is to  elaborate every visited location, including its summary: the driven distance and time taken to reach it, the time of halt or stay.
  • The report of visited locations; This report represents a detailed summary of visited locations according to the criterions preferred  by consumers (e.g. which selected locations the vehicle visited and how long it stayed there). These summaries are particularly useful for analysing the work of couriers and managers.


    All reports can be compiled by both a certain period of time and driven distance.